The New York Giants just beat the Cleveland Browns for their sixth straight victory and improved to a 8-3 record on the season. Alex Hooper covers all the Cleveland teams, so Levack and Goz asked if the Giants win was impressive enough over the winless Browns or should we be concerned here in the land of the Giants?

There's a certain sadness in Hooper's voice as he talks about all the woes of the Browns. Does Hooper believe the Browns will win at all this season, will they go 0-16? We also get the scoop on the personnel situation in Cleveland. Do the Browns have anything to build around and is Hue Jackson already on the hot seat in just his first season as the Browns head coach?

We're not heartless so we cheered Alex up by asking about LeBron James, the Cavs and the Indians. His analogy about the Browns' place in Cleveland sports is something you want to hear.

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