The New York Jets beat the Cleveland Browns on Sunday, in a game that very well may be a preview of this year's Super Bowl.

Hey, why are you laughing so hard?

Okay, maybe it wasn't a battle for the ages, but the New York Jets needed to start showing signs of life after their abysmal performance in Week 1, and that's exactly what they did. They were able to complete a comeback in the final moments, and escape from Cleveland with a victory, and no one can debate that.

How the Jets' social media team chose to handle the victory, however, is certainly still up for debate.

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Was This Jets' Tweet Funny, or Cringeworthy, After Win vs. Cleveland?

In the aftermath of the Jets' victory over the Browns on Sunday, Jets' fans were quick to log onto Twitter, and brag about their come-from-behind victory. The team's official social media account also tweeted in a celebratory manner after the victory, as professional sports teams often do.

Here's the tweet that raised a few eyebrows across the football community:

The tweet shows an edited clip from the movie Elf, in which Will Ferrell's character, Buddy the Elf, is testing out Jack-in-the-Box toys that were made in Santa's workshop. The clip is a nod to the Browns' recent decision to put a new logo, Brownie the Elf, at the 50-yard line of their field.

Look, I get it: you have to be creative and unique in order to build a strong social media presence. Poking fun at the Browns and their abysmal franchise is an easy target, but the Jets were able to do it in a light-hearted way. Heck, I even chuckled when I saw this video.

New York Jets v Cleveland Browns
NY Jets' QB Joe Flacco / Getty Images

But, there's another side to this debate, and it's this: isn't this a little cocky for the New York Jets to tweet this?

You know, the same franchise who's previous head coach went viral for chasing a metaphorical taco during his introductory press conference. The team who's quarterback fumbled a football running into the backside of his own offensive lineman. The team who drafted and "developed" the quarterback who "saw ghosts" during an actual NFL game.

It was a funny tweet, but I caution the Jets and their fans not to get too far ahead of themselves. There's a lot of season left, and a lot of work to be done in order to shirk the reputation of being the same ol' New York Jets.

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