I know people will be screaming at me. I realize I am in the minority. I also know I am right. The game of College Football is forever changed for the worse. The last-best regular season that meant anything will be no more. Instead College Football which had a 12-14 week playoff will now be about 2-4 weeks and the regular season will be diminished.

Few fast points-this 4 team playoff will be 8 and then 16 and who knows maybe more. If you think for a moment the arguing is over, the debate is over you are very much wrong. In fact it will only get louder and worse. You can make bank despite this new "deal" worked out for a playoff that starts in 2014 and runs until 2025 will expand the playoff field under pressure from teams 5,6 7, and so on and so forth. If these CFB gurus think they have solved whatever problem that didn't exist they are in for a rude awakening. The grumbling and crying has just started. Now they have finally succumbed to the big cash and the govt pressure and mostly from a guilable and foolish public. The public hears playoff and their ears stand up. Explain how the regular season used to mean 12-14 weeks of playoffs and they can't comprehend. Used to be every game was a must for the most part. In 2014 you will be able to lose a game and maybe more and " qualify" for a playoff spot. Don't believe me-Look at every other sport and see how the playoff fields started and where they are now. Just look at baseball. I like the expanded format but we have gone in no time virtually from 4 teams to now 10. The same will be for College football.

Apparently only conference champions will be eligable for the playoff. how this will be hashed out we shall see. but basically if I get the right read you could finish 1st in a weak pac 12 and get a playoff spot ahead of a better 2nd place finisher in the Big 10.

I am going to laugh when the naive realize that the talking point of "deciding it on the field" hasn't changed. A committee will still be deciding who gets in. NOTHING HAS CHANGED.

The same " who cares" Bowls which frankly I care about cause I love watching CFB will still be played so the talking point of "I don't care about these bowl games" hasn't changed.

Now we have something called Contract Bowls and Access Bowls..LOL. Oh God what a mess. College Football has been run like the old west. make the rules as you go along. The S.E.C. and Big 12 just made their own "champions Bowl" game between the best 2 teams unless-unless 1 or both of those teams had qualified for the what is now called BCS Championship game. Then it goes to the next best in the Conference meaning Champion wouldn't apply. LOL. I mean I have to laugh. You do whatever you want to do damn everything and everyone else.

Wait it gets better. We will have the contract bowls (the big 12-s.e.c game, the Rose and well maybe an Orange if the A.C.C. can get a dance partner) so Big east-tough luck. Mountain West-who? Nothing  has changed. The Sugar and Fiesta Bowls-Who knows.

In fairness all the final details haven't been worked out. Yikes I can only imagine what these College Presidents will come up with.

So let me recap. We have a 4 yeam playoff until we go to 8 then 16. We have a 4 team field picked by a committee-Oh no conflicts or controvery I am sure. LOL. We have some bowl games, we have teams making their own "championship" bowl games, we have possibly a mediocre conference champ getting a spot in the playoff opposed to a better team in a vastly superior conference that might finish 2nd, we have a mess on our hands.

In Politics they call it the " Law of unintended Consequences" Meaning when some big legislation or law is enacted unintended consequences follows. This to will come to College Football.

College Football is forever worse today and going forward!

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