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Complete Bowl Games List
Below is a complete list of this year's college football FBS bowl games. What college football games are you most looking forward to? Remember to tune into ESPN Radio 1045 The Team this month to find out which bowl games you can hear here in the capital region...
Perfect Bowl Unveiling
Central Michigan is going to the Bahamas Bowl but the program unveiled it to the players using a countdown clock. The drama and reaction bring us to one conclusion: Every team should announce their bowl this way!
College Football Is Forever Worse-Bruce’s Thought Of The Day
I know people will be screaming at me. I realize I am in the minority. I also know I am right. The game of College Football is forever changed for the worse. The last-best regular season that meant anything will be no more. Instead College Football which had a 12-14 week playoff will now be about 2-…
Save The Bowl Games
Most people wouldn’t argue that the system currently in place for deciding a College Football Champion is broken, but does fixing it have to mean death to the bowl system? I don’t think so.