Most people wouldn’t argue that the system currently in place for deciding a College Football Champion is broken, but does fixing it have to mean death to the bowl system? I don’t think so.

 Now, don’t get me wrong.  I would love nothing more than for Ohio St. and Stanford to be moving on in a tournament towards a championship game.  Both are clearly capable of beating Oregon or Auburn on “any given” day, and deserve the right to at least give it a shot.  With people like Mark Cuban fronting efforts to create a playoff system, the fixing of the current BCS system seems to be more a matter of when than if.  For the top 8 teams in the country, this is a great idea, but let’s make sure that we preserve the current bowl system on some levels.


 I have heard more than a few people say that 35 bowl games is too many and we are rewarding mediocrity by letting 70 teams (some with mere .500 records) into bowl games.  That somehow, a 6-6 Florida International team does not deserve any post-season game.  But why not?  In every other sport, each team begins the season with the same goal, and each year all but on team finishes their season in disappointment.  In college football this shouldn’t be the case.  Florida International’s goals upon entering the season are far different than that of Oregon and Ohio St.  Although yes, technically they are playing for the same thing, it would be ludicrous to think that they have the same goals on opening week.

 So, having known on day one that they were not going to be winning a National Championship, why not let teams like Florida International play in a post-season bowl.  Why not let 35 teams finish their season with a win, as opposed to only 1.  It’s good for the sport, it’s good for the schools.  And honestly, you really want LESS football on tv?  I don’t care if it is the “Shake Weight” Bowl; football on tv is like crack!

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