A couple of years ago, Tom Coughlin said that he could coach past the of 70.

Now at 67 years old and in the shadows of a disappointing 7-9 season, Coughlin isn't backing down from that statement.

In a pre-recorded interview for ESPN Radio's "The Ian O'Connor Show", Coughlin addressed his current stance.

"I certainly do, and I'm blessed with good health and good energy and a routine that I think puts me in the maximum opportunity to stay healthy," Coughlin said.

"The other issue, of course, is Judy," in reference to his wife. "If Judy's healthy, and so on and so forth, and we both feel good about continuing ... then no doubt will we feel that way."

Coughlin confirmed that he still only has a contract that goes through the end of this upcoming season. Giants owner John Mara had previously stated that he would be meeting with Coughlin about a multi-year deal, that sit-down has not yet taken place.

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