The Albany Empire season kicks off in less than a month at the Times Union Center. Although the Empire announced sixteen players had signed contracts with the franchise yesterday , the team has yet to sign a quarterback for the 2018 season. Could a former NFL quarterback and Heisman Trophy winner be heading to the capital region this season? Head Coach of the Empire Rob Keefe joined Levack and Goz and discussed the team's interest in Johnny Manziel.

Goz: Those two (Canzieri and Hansen) are some of my favorite athletes. Coach, can you sign one more? Johnny Manziel? Is Manziel on the radar?

Coach Keefe: I'll tell you what it will be interesting. I'll tell you this, I say it all the time, Manziel, this is actually, it's funny you say that, if you stay out of football too long, are you really a football player anymore? So this is where Arena football comes into play where guys are if you are on the coach for two years, this is where we come in. We sell them on the idea of of We play big time college football, we play big time NFL football, I know you are waiting for an NFL call right now, but it's not going to come by sitting on the coach. You need great game film, you have to be in shape, you have to be at a high level, so that's how we actually get guys, but necessarily Johnny Manziel.

Would you want to see Johnny Manziel play for the Arena Football League's Albany Empire? Should the franchise pursue him? Let us know below.



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