The newest segment on Levack and Goz is here for you! It's Conspiracy Theories every Friday at 4pm. It feels that there are just too many times in the world of sports that people are afraid to "think outside the box". The guys in the afternoon drive are never afraid to do that. This segment throws journalistic integrity out the window and lets the guys dive in topics that they believe have at least have some details missing.

This week Gozwas off so Brian "The Closer" Mariano stepped in for him. Although Closer's theories may not be as crazy as Levack and Goz's he still had his fair share of thoughts. One theory in particular about Goz involved his where abouts for this week's show. Do the guys have a theory has to where Rob Gronkowski's professional future may be? Find out that and more in this week's edition of "Sports Conspiracy Theories" with Levack and Goz.

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