Could another WWE wrestler be leaving the company to join rival professional wrestling company AEW? During AEW's recent pay per view event Full Gear, current AEW women's division member Big Swole was taking a video backstage. Despite not even having a schedule match on the card, the popular wrestler had the internet wrestling community buzzing over a certain popular wrestler making an appearance. In that backstage video, current WWE superstar Cedric Alexander can be seen in the video. Watch the full video from her Instagram below

Why was Cedric Alexander shown in Big Swole's Instagram video? Both Alexander and Big Swole are a real life couple. The couple was married in 2018.

Cedric Alexander is currently a part of "The Hurt Business" in the WWE. "The Hurt Business" consists of Alexander along with Bobby Lashley, MVP and Shelton Benjamin. It seems unlikely at this time that Alexander may make the jump because of his consistent storyline and camera time on WWE's Monday Night Raw.

Although I do like messing with Goz about AEW, I have not had a chance to watch a lot of the shows this year. I did enjoy the 1990s professional wrestling angles of WCW and WWF and what wrestlers could show up on what show each night. If this is what the future of these shows could be like in 2021, then I will definitely try to watch it more.

Wednesday nights have become the new popular nights for professional wrestling fans in the Capital Region. AEW Dynamite airs Wednesdays at 8pm on TNT while WWE's NXT airs on USA Network also at 8pm.

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