Rock radio fans here in the Capital Region remember Dalton Castle during the afternoon drive on Q103 (now Q1057) from 2011 to 2014. Meanwhile, Castle was building a pro-wrestling career that would see him on the cover of the Rolling Stone and even win the Ring of Honor World Title. Now for the first time since 2013, The "Party Peacock" is a free-agent and reports have the WWE and AEW as potential landing spots. is reporting that Castle has decided to test the waters of free agency. We had Dalton in studio back in May of 2019 and at that time he didn't seem interested in ever leaving Ring of Honor. So what has changed? Why would he consider a move now and which of the two major wrestling oulets would he prefer?

Basically EVERYTHING has changed. Thanks to COVID-19 ROH has been doing less shows than normal and far less than WWE or AEW. One other thing that's changed and I think could possibly point towards where Dalton Castle could be making a big entrance is Cody Rhodes is now a big deal at AEW. Rhodes is who Castle won the ROH title from. Guys like Cody Rhodes generally have some say in who they lose to before leaving a promotion like ROH. If that connection isn't enough for you to buy in that he's headed to All Elite Wrestling, Castle also performed on the "Chris Jericho Cruise" where he and Jericho, who is also a big deal at AEW performed a wedding together.

Castle is a great performer in the ring with a commitment to his persona that people gravitate to. He's also really great at creating social media content that allows fans to see behind the curtain and help them relate to him. Seems like a no brainer adition to the ranks of AEW.

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