Daniel Snyder has owned the Washington Redskins since May of 1999. Since then not only has the team been a sub-par 142 - 193 - 1 but they've also been the center of protests and turmoil. The battle between Dan Snyder and many members of Native American tribes to change the nickname of the Washington NFL Franchise has been well-publicized and could finally be coming to an end. With a head coach like Ron Rivera in place and the nickname about to change (hopefully), you'd think things would be turning the corner in DC. Sadly that's not the case. The Washington Post has published an article alleging 15 women were sexually harassed as members of the Redskins organization.

Snyder and the Washington franchise have hired attorney Beth Wilkinson and her law firm to do a deep dive investigation into the allegations. Of course, you have to question just how deep any attorney will dig into the individual paying them.

This is far from resolution but with this recent article accusing Dan Snyder's inner circle of sexual harassment, a group of minority owners and sponsors attempting to sever ties with the club and the belief Snyder is dragging his feet on the name change, Snyder's days in the NFL could be numbered.

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