Over the weekend Heinz Field was turned into some Stadium in Gotham City and the Steelers were re-branded the Gotham Rouges. Complete with star quarterback and super tough defense. Wish you were there? Well, I got a video play by play of what happened, complete with photo of the Gotham Rouges uniforms.

Fly Over During Prep

The Crew preps the field for what is probably the most expensive shoot in the movie. Re surfacing the field and adding some crazy ramp that looks to have risen out of nowhere. The fans haven’t filled in yet but the movie has hired 15,000 extras to pack the stadium full of rowdy fans to complete the NFL atmosphere.

ScoreBoard Re-branding

This is cool just the Scoreboard and the re-branding at work, and apparently some lucky lady gets to sing to the crowded stands of rowdy Steelers/ Rouge fans. The whole Stadium is branded complete with product placement for the movie.

Fans Going Nuts

Fans are going nuts on command, as the director wants to get a realistic feel. Lucky for us, at least one fan is breaking all kinds of rules and filming the event from the outside in - to show us what it looks like to be near ground zero of a super villain attack.

Tumblers on Heinz Field

To get the crowd riled up they roll out the Bat Tumblers (Batmobile for you non batheads). Complete with the addition of a cannon on top for easy bad guy destroying.

Tumblers shoot something

Oh here we go, time to get everyone jumping around like crazy. They take that “batcannon” and blow a hole on the 50 yard line for everyone’s amusement. I hope they get that filled in before someone rolls an ankle this week during a preseason game.

Heinz Field gets blown up

Wow I thought the one was bad. Now they just blow the hell out of the playing field, I guess they are lucky that it’s a grass field. The crowd turns from crazy to scared poopless in 10 seconds, I wonder if they gave them some pointers or said hey just keep cheering until something crazy happens. I guess its true what they say “ can’t make a blockbuster movie without blowing up a few NFL stadiums”.

Bane Destroys the Stadium

Now that everyone is good and scared, they decide to let the main antagonist of the movie talk in his raspy mad scientist voice. The bad guy, Bane, shows up and starts pointing at some doomsday device and talking about some new age that will soon be upon us. Real clever writing Nolan, real clever. But he and the whole shoot look cool.

I look forward to next year and the premier of “Dark Knight Rises” for two reasons. One, I love Batman and anything to do with Batman. Two, I can’t wait to watch Heinz Field get destroyed. Oh yeah, here is that jersey you wanted to see.