This is a move the Knicks need to make. Simply put.

Why does David Blatt make sense for the Knicks? Multiple reasons:

1) When he signed on to take over the Cavaliers, he didn't have LeBron James and Kevin Love. He had Kyrie Irving. He signed up for a rebuild and the Cavs thought he could do that. Let him do it with the Knicks.

2) He's coached internationally, and won: Let him work with Kristaps Porzingis. He knows the European game and can help tailor Porzingis' game to the NBA.

3) He's been to an NBA Finals. It's not often a guy goes to the Finals and gets canned the next year, but Blatt did. He still got there. He's coached in the postseason.

4) He's coached under pressure: For everyone that says coaching in New York is immense pressure, could it be any worse than having to win that second with LeBron James? I doubt it.

Hire David Blatt.