Tampa Bay Rays pitcher David Price isn't taking a page from Christian Lopez's book.  The lefty is looking to cash in on Derek Jeter's 3,000th hit.

Christian Lopez is the fan who caught Derek Jeter's home run ball last Saturday.  It was the 3,000th hit of Jeter's career.  Lopez opted to give Jeter the ball while asking for nothing.  David Price is taking a different approach.


The Rays pitcher served up the home run ball to Jeter, and has just signed a deal with Steiner Sports to autograph items related to the home run.  Price will sign photos and baseballs.  Some of the photos have the inscription, "I Gave Up DJ's 3K, 7-9-11."


I won't question Price's ethics, but I will question his competitiveness.  He's a young phenom who hasn't gotten paid well in the past, and will earn a ton of money during his playing days.  Money isn't the issue here.

All I know is that great competitors like Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant wouldn't be caught dead signing memorabilia where they came out on the short end.  It simply wouldn't happen.  Their competitiveness would never allow them to.  David Price doesn't have the same level of competitiveness.