In the 2006 NFL draft the New York Jets fans wanted Gang Green to take Vince Young, Matt Lienhart or even Reggie Bush luckily for those fans the Jets didn't listen and in the first round took D'Brickashaw Ferguson(4th overall) and Nick Mangold(29th overall). Those two picks have more than paid off as no matter who is in the Jets' backfield they had bodyguards. Mangold is still the Jets center but Left Tackle Ferguson decided to call it a career.

A lot of people learned just how important the Left Tackle position is when they watched "Blindside" but for true NFL fans we've always known if your Quarterback has to watch his own back he can't look down field and complete passes. For TEN years Ferguson was never injured, never missed one of the 167 starts and only missed one of the over 10,000 offensive snaps. That snap a trick play at the very end of the season. Sure the Jets just freed up about $9 million in cap space but now nick to answer a question they haven't had to ask in TEN years...Who will play Left Tackle and protect our Quarterback's Blindside?