A study done by WalletHub has named the best, and the worst, cities in the United States for football fans. Cities at the top of the list are the homes of some of the most well-known football teams, professional or collegiate, in the country.

Cities toward the bottom of the list, conversely, do not have a marquee football team for fans to root for, in the eyes of the study.

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Nine cities in New York --- New York City, Buffalo, West Point, Hamilton, Stony Brook, Poughkeepsie, Ithaca, Albany and Syracuse --- were ranked among the 249 cities that were included in WalletHub's study.

To complete this study, the experts at WalletHub measured each city based on 21 relevant metrics. Here's more on their methodology:

"We chose cities with at least one professional football team (NFL) or at least one college football team (NCAA, including FBS and FCS). We then grouped the cities by division — “Pro Football” and “College Football” — and assigned weights to each divisional category based on its popularity among fans." - WalletHub

From there, a "final score" was calculated for each city in the study, and those cities were ranked based on those final scores. Each city was also given a ranking for "Pro Football" and "College Football" as part of the final results.

Pittsburgh, PA was named as the best overall city for football fans, while Easton, MA, was ranked 249th out of 249 locations.

Somewhere in between, we find the nine cities in New York that were eligible to be considered for this study. Scroll below to see how WalletHub ranked the best, and worst, cities in New York for football fans.

Study: These are the Nine Worst Cities in New York for Football Fans

A study has declared these cities in New York as the best, and the worst, for football fans. Do you agree with their rankings?

Gallery Credit: Dan Bahl

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