The game that will forever be remembered for deflated footballs now has its first official souvenir heading to auction.

A football from the AFC Champioship game between the New England Patriots and Indianapolis Colts on Jan. 18 isn't remembered for the beating the Pats gave the Colts. No, it's remembered for the air let out of the Pats footballs.

Patriots fan Laura Nichols and her husband Matt had great seats, front row in the end zone of Gilette Stadium, which is how Laura was able to gain possession of one of the #DeflateGate balls. Pats receiver Brandon LaFells caught a touchdown, made eye contact with Nichols and gave her the ball.

Laura Nichols recounts the story:  "LaFell picked up the ball, I pointed at him, he pointed at me and he handed me the ball. It was all so surreal." BUT not surreal enough to keep the souvenir, as it will be up for auction on July 17 on an online auction house, Minimum bid is $25,000, a little more than David Hunt of Hunt Auctions told me he thought it would be worth at the Super Bowl.


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