The New York Jets Brandon Marshall has been known to be a headache for teams, but usually it doesn't come until at least the second year. The 10-year veteran, is a regular on the weekly show "Inside the NFL" on Showtime. With it being the first show of the season Deflategate was the hot topic.

During the panels conversation on Tom Brady winning his appeal Marshall brought in race


as a main factor of Brady getting off. "The race card," Marshall said. "There are a lot of players out there that believe that white players, specifically, at the quarterback position are treated differently." Marshall would go on to explain how all the players in the NFL view the controversy; ". "No. 1 is the fighter. I think there are guys in the fight with Tom. When one player's rights are upheld, then all players' rights are upheld. It's not about what he did, if he's right or wrong. It's more about the process. Is it fair? The second is cowards -- I call them cowards. That's the guys that are afraid to face Tom Brady. They want him suspended; I don't believe in that. The third, Marshall said, was "the race card.".

Marshall would continue to talk about how this is a league wide belief. "This is not just from our locker room, this is from locker rooms across the States." Marshall added that he has talked to white players who share the same opinion.

What is wrong with this guy? This is Marshall's fourth team, and it's easy to see why. Not only did you just make it a new controversy, guys in your locker room are going to be asked questions about things you said. Players don't  want to be asked about Deflategate anymore, and they certainly don' want to be race baited into answering those questions.

With the rate that his stint with the Jets is already going after his Geno comments, and now this, it could be a short term stay for Marshall once again.