Earlier today on Levack and Goz we were joined by Mark Johnson of 850 KOA in Denver. Mark not only covers Denver sports but was also the voice of the Syracuse Orange (then Orangemen) during the 2002-2003 national championship with Anthony. Johnson mentioned that in Denver the story has made some headlines but it has not become a huge talking point like it has become in New York. It's important to remember that the Nuggets locker room during Anthony's tenure was filled with large personalities. The late 2000s Nuggets included NBA veterans J.R Smith and Kenyon Martin. Levack was able to swing the Syracuse love away from Mark Johnson and asked about the match up next weekend between the Denver Broncos and Oakland Raiders. Are the Broncos a playoff team going forward? Mark Johnson answers all of those questions and below. Plus he offers Levack advise on how to dress in Denver during the match up.