After weeks of wrangling, tip toeing around the topic, and ducking, the NFL has finally come down on Broncos All pro linebacker Von Miller. a 6 game suspension is the ruling.

Now ask for what and well there is no definitive answer. It appears drugs were involved but that isn't known 100%.

seems Miller took the required drug test, and some of the results were spilled. The NFL has 2 different drug programs.

1 of the programs covers performance enhancing drugs, I.E. steroids and performance enhancers. The NFL does not have as of right now, a test for HGH.

It is the other drug policy that seems to have caught Miller. This 1 is called the " Policy and Program for substances of abuse."

Since no one is speaking of specifics, we re left to guess what this exactly means. Pot? Cocaine? Who knows and no one is saying exactly.

Reports had Miller taking the drug test. However as reported some of the sample spilled, leaving the sample diluted. Diluted samples are part of the 2nd policy.

Miller put out a bizarre statement that leaves you to believe that he was dabbling in drugs of some sort, saying " although my suspension doesn't result from a positive test, their is no excuse for my violations of the rules."

Sounds like that was written by Alex Rodriguez's greasy lawyer. An omission without an omission.

Let me fill in the blanks. Miller is a druggie loser, but he can play some great football. For all we know, and hey speculation is fair game when  both Miller and the Broncos are so evasive, Miller could have been using heroin, meth, ecstasy. Since the truth is the last thing spoken then all speculation is fair game.

Miller will be allowed to play in the remainder of the exhibition games but then must sit the 1st 6 games of the regular season. he is Denver's best defensive player, meaning the AFC favorite broncos have issues.

Miller can return to action on October 20th when Denver takes on Andrew Luck and the Indianapolis Colts.

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