Last night was the annual airing of Barbara Walters Most Fascinating People of the year special, and this year NY Yankee Derek Jeter made the list.  They talked about many things, including how racism was a large part of growing up for him.  When asked about how racism affected him growing up Derek Jeter said that it taught him a lot.  Most know that Jeter is from a mixed race background, and he was of course a victim of racist remarks as a kid and coming up in MLB.

He said that people would stare at him if he were only with one parent.  Jeter also added that it taught him that many people were uneducated when it comes to different races.  From the sounds of it, Jeter had a very good upbringing where his parents had him embrace both the African American and white side.  Obviously they did pretty well because Jeter is one of the classiest players in baseball (despite the latest "care package" rumors).

One of the best things to take away from Jeter's interview was that he said racist people taught him a lot, and it taught him who he didn't want to be.  He also said that it made him realize that he wasn't going to be quick to judge someone, but instead learn about them.
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