So Thursday 2 football players had turbulent days. 1st Donovan McNabb asked for and was released by the Minnesota Vikings. McNabb has been riding the pine for Minny so rookie Christian Ponder can get some time for a bad team. Perhaps Donovan can hook up with a playoff contender like his home town Chicago Bears. I hope so. While many think McNabb is over rated I don't share that view. 5 NFC title games and 1 Super Bowl appearence are pretty good credentials. In my opinion McNabb is a hall of famer. I also think he is at the end of his career. Sadly Donovan played horrible in his handful of starts for the Vikes this year. never the most accurate passer he was terrible this year. Seems every pass was into the ground or hit the receiver in the high chest area which is a very tough catch. The team stinks and that doesn't help but no longer can Mcnabb take a bad or average team and elevate them like he did much of the time in Philly. Remember for much of his tenure their was very little offensive talent around D Mac. I mean Freddie Mitchell? YIKES! But say this for McNabb he handled himself like a pro should most of his career while his critics pummeled him at times.

Then there is the petulant whiney,moody Eagles Receiver Desean Jackson. Now Jackson has taken to jogging in patterns and snapping at the press. Jackson looked like it was a chore for him to play Thursday night like a trip to the IRS. His histronics vs the Giants was sickening. His constant whining about his contract revolting and then of course blowing off the ball club and being suspended was the final straw at least for me it would have been. Sadly though in sports you can be a total locker cancer,a total selfish player, a me me me me me guy and get rewarded for it. Either the Eagles or some other  misguided team will pay this guy a boatload of dough as he is a pending free agent. They Will fall in love with his talent which is off the charts but forget about his antics. Isn't that what teams usually do. So funny how these me me me me guys with talent always find another suitor yet they never win the big prize. See Ocho Cinko and T Owens for just 2  recent examples. It makes me laugh how teams just dismiss some of these players and their selfsih me me me me attitude cause of their talent. Hello talent is great but in team sports I would sacrifice a little of it for a TEAM attitude. So Jackson who is coasting now and crying about it will find a club and get paid while a guy like McNabb who has done it with class will take the hits from the fans and media. There is no doubt in my mind which of these 2 I would rather have on my club and which 1 I wouldn't want anywhere near my team

For me McNabb goes to the hall of fame while DeSean Jackson belongs as the latest profile in shame