This weekend I Drove over 500 miles, drank 7 cups of coffee, to sit in the 18,690 the seat in the best hockey town in America.

My weekend started on Saturday as I woke up at the crack of noon with the mind set I was going to Buffalo, New York. After a brief shower and hangover curing cup of coffee it was time to hit the road and drive the length of the Erie Canal.  The drive started out fine, and we would have made better time if we weren’t stopping to empty ourselves and fill up the car every 30 minutes (we emptied out way more then the car needed to be filled up).

After 4 and a half hours we pulled into our hotel (it was really a motel, but I say hotel to make myself sound classier) just seconds away from SUNY Buffalo. My room smelt of cabbage and it only had a view of a much larger nicer hotel, as if to mock my standing in life. We had a hard time dealing the smell so we changed and freshened up, and took off for some food and the Sabers game.

We stopped at Duff’s the claimed birth Place of the Buffalo chicken wing, we opened the door to see it so jammed full of people you would think that Elvis was tossing the wings in the back room. So we took off to another restaurant somewhere between Duffs and the stadium. We had many good ideas, but it seemed that all the places were out of business (dam Buffalo’s thriving economy).  We ended up at a Wendy’s which wasn’t what you would call ideal but hey it was cheap and good enough to get me through the game so I didn’t spend 15 bucks on a hockey game hotdog.

We finally bull into the parking lot for HSBC Arena and started the time honored tradition of tailgating. There was only one problem.. we only had 15 minutes till the puck dropped so we shot gunned a few beers each then take off towards the arena with a few Wendy’s cups full of libations for the walk. It was windy as all hell with arena being right on the lake but I was fine. We get inside grab our tickets and head to our seats.

Our seats were so high up I almost needed a sherpa to reach them. The crowd was amazing and just as my but hit the seat Jason Pominville scored the first goal of the game. The rest of the gamed fallowed suit as the Sabers scored 8 times to beat Atlanta 8-2.  There  more goals scored then there are films where some one is chasing  Nicolas Cage around.

The Sabers out played the Thrashers in every aspect of the game, the crowd was amazing and the only thing better was 2 for one drinks at a local bar after the game with your ticket stub. After that things got a little hazey but I did wake up in my hotel room the next morning before check out alone so it must not of been that fun.