Each week at 4pm we highlight the best of the best in Socially Awkward Media. The best, worst and most awkward social media messages of the week throughout all the 104.5 The Team social media platforms. Now that professional sports can resume in New York next month, how have sports fans reacted? What has been to the reaction to this week's Yankee week? Where does The Last Dance rank among the great 30 for 30s of all time? Why is there someone named "Fair Rat"? writing into the show?

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Below is this week's best.

Sam-Unfortunately nothing in sports this year is normal. If a horse wins triple crown, will be remembered as year of different races. Same for whoever wins other championships. NBA, NHL, MLB(if they play)Hopefully only a one year issue.

Brett-Hitting major league pitching and playing at the level of the pga tour on those courses JUST in my opinion is the hardest things to do in major league sports

Matthew- I like the 30 for 30 talking "Pat Reilly wasn't Showtime, Glitz and glam. Pat Reilly was Schenectady"

dalesdeadbugs-Josh Allen isn't even the best QB on the Bills

Alex-Slightly biased Starks and Knicks fan during the Jordan era but this was an awful 30 for 30. Ten episodes. TEN?! What was it even about?

Andy-Number 1 has to be 27! Moron! 27 championships! Most important #.

Pat from the Bronx-I realize it’s never Spurs week, but isn’t the 1999-2015 Spurs just as impressive? Duncan Robinson Elliot Duncan Parker Ginobili

Fair Rat- Who cares about Michael Jordan. I would only deliver the pizza to Toni Kukoc

Anton-Dark tales becoming darker when proofreading doesn’t take place


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