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Nick-Glue factory business is gonna pick up!

Dan-No for me dawg

Aaron-a triple double machine, former league MVP...yeah, sounds like a real downgrade.

Michael-The only negative is what you would have to give up and tying up cap space. At least they would be more competitive.

Travis-Is that bootleg Ozzie Guillen (cyring emoji face)

Bargain Cowboys-josh Gordon was one of them. Give me my $100

Ben-I got one for you guys and the trivia ninja. What Are the only two days of the year where non of the four major sports are in action?

Jim-stop calling me Tim.

Jared-That's the "my friend just bought a boat" look.

Ken-A four-car pileup.

Matthew-He looks like someone's dad who just found out what Hollister was.

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