The Patriots topped the Dolphins last night by a score of 36-7, and one of the reasons why was the play of Albany native Dion Lewis.

Lewis, who had missed a game and played sparingly in another with an ab injury, had six catches for 93 yards and a touchdown.

Take a look at the touchdown below:

This play looks very similar to the play Lewis had against the Steelers in Week 1 - except he fumbled the ball right before the goal line in that contest.

This time he was able to head in unevaded to the endzone.

Lewis also had five carries for 19 yards.

He was the second leading receiver for the Patriots, only behind Rob Gronkowski. Julian Edelman had a team-high seven catches and two touchdowns while amassing 81 yards.

Tom Brady has a great comfort with Lewis out of the backfield as the Patriots love to hit the running back on short passes.