The Los Angeles Rams are the sole Undefeated team in the NFL and there are plenty of people not only dreaming of a trip to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta but some are comparing this Ram's team to Torry Holt's Rams team, The Greatest Show on Turf. Does Holt see similarities between the two teams.

Torry Holt absolutely sees a comparison between his team and the current Rams. Not only the ways they can score in bunches both on the ground and in the air and Holt also sees another huge similarity. The defenses are both underrated. His team's defense was an afterthought and this Rams team gets some love but when you look at the talent on that side of the ball in LA they would be the entire story on most NFL teams.

We'd also like to take this opportunity to start #Holt4TheHOF circulating. It's just silly he's not in the NCAAF and NFL Halls of Fame.

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