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HBO’s Hard Knocks Could Convince Me The NFL Will Play In 2020
It's possibly the biggest understatement ever that 2020 has not gone as planned. The NFL has been the closest to business as usual of any league in all of sports. The NFL Draft had to go virtual and social distant but it happened on schedule. The preseason games have been canceled but that's not a huge deal. Many of us think those games are redundant anyway. Even with NFL Commissioner Rodger Goodell's full steam ahead attitude I'm scared the season either won't happen or will be so different we won't recognize it. Tonight's debut of HBO's Hard Knocks featuring the Los Angeles Rams and Los Angeles Chargers will be a look into how things work and could possibly put some of my fears to bed.
NFL Moves Rams Saints Game To LA
This week's Mexico City game featuring the Kansas City Chiefs and the Los Angeles Rams has become the topic of debate. The field Estadio Azteca is a total disaster and ESPN's Adam Schefter reported that players from both the Rams and the Chiefs were going to refuse to play. That will no longer be an issue as the NFL has stepped in and moved the game to LA.
Do The Rams Remind Torry Holt Of The Greatest Show On Turf [AUDIO]
The Los Angeles Rams are the sole Undefeated team in the NFL and there are plenty of people not only dreaming of a trip to Super Bowl 53 in Atlanta but some are comparing this Ram's team to Torry Holt's Rams team, The Greatest Show on Turf. Does Holt see similarities between the two teams.
Kevin Hart What The Fit With Scott Eastwood Is A Must Watch [VIDEO]
If you haven't been watching "What the Fit" with Kevin Hart on YouTube, you're doing it wrong. Each episode is funnier than the last and no matter who his co star is each week is great. This time Hart and Scott Eastwood go to the Los Angeles Rams off season work outs and what happens next is hysterical.