Thanks to our friends at Tech East Fire and Water Restoration Buster Olney joins Levack and Goz every Thursday at 5:15 to talk about the Yankees, Mets and the rest of the league. Buster is up to speed on all the news and gossip around the league and shares that insight with 104.5 The Team.

There's a moment during today's interview with Buster where I tell him who I believe is the best Yankee on the current roster and Buster literally laughs at me and questions my intelligence. I sadly loved it lol. Here's the deal I watch as Didi Gregorius continues to be the glue that holds this team together while improving his play. I mean the guy hits clean up on a team with Aaron Judge and Giancarlo Stanton. He's the first Yankees shortstop to hit 25 home runs in a season and have eight RBI's in a game. Buster couldn't be convinced. lol

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