If there's one group of people that know the inner-workings of Major League Baseball better than Buster Olney, it's the executive groups of each team. Presidents, General Managers, Executives of this and Senior Advisers to that. They know every moving part for what makes an MLB team successful.

So, it's a pretty chilling reality check when those who know baseball best, may actually hate it most.

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That was the sentiment of what Buster Olney told us to open his weekly visit to The Drive with Charlie & Dan on 104.5 The Team. He referenced a chat with Theo Epstein had by his colleague at ESPN, Theo Epstein, and how Theo admitted to "contributing to the problem" that is the lack of entertainment and excitement in the game of baseball in 2021.

He went on to explain that the "sticky situation" Major League Baseball is facing could possibly at to the deterioration the game is facing. He added, however, that aside from a few blips on the radar thanks to Joe Girardi and Sergio Romo, most of the banned substance checks have been going quite smoothly. He referenced a conversation with a source of his with MLB experience, who suggested that umpires should try to avoid situations similar to that of Romo, in which a pitcher was clearly upset after having a poor outing.

Buster Olney painted a few interesting pictures in this answer. He painted one of a newly-implemented protocol that is certainly rough around the edges, but seems to be benefitting certain parties in the MLB. However, he also paints a picture of a league that is grasping at straws, trying to improve their product on the fly, and one that is dangerously close to *another* labor dispute at the end of the season.

We'll talk to him again next week, and who knows where we'll find Major League Baseball by then.

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