Each week on Levack & Bahl, we are lucky enough to be joined on-the-phone by Buster Olney, ESPN MLB insider and walking baseball encyclopedia. Like clockwork, we always discuss the Yankees, and explore whether any trades or moves could be made before the trade deadline.

And, each week, Buster gives us a nugget. It's not always an "I heard this" or "I was told" moment, but his conjecture is always well-informed. He'll give us a name of a player who he thinks the Yankees might target, allowing the minds of Yankees fans to run wild.

So, I've compiled the names together into a list. Here are four players Buster Olney has said *could* be Yankees this season.

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1. Anthony Rizzo

Los Angeles Dodgers v Chicago Cubs - Game One
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The rumor mill has been swirling on Rizzo for what feels like half a decade, and Rizzo fits the bill for the Bombers for a number of reasons. He is an *actual* natural first baseman, and his left-handed bat in the middle of the order is something New York lacks. All that, and he's a great personality, and will help loosen up the group a bit.

Although, according to Twitter, they may not need it.

2. Trevor Story

Colorado Rockies v San Diego Padres
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This does seem a bit unfair to Gleyber Torres, but he hasn't completely proven that he's the shortstop of the future. If the Rockies continue to sell of their expensive pieces, Cashman should get involved.

3. Tucker Barnhart

St Louis Cardinals v Cincinnati Reds
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At this point, this number should just say *a catcher*. But, Buster has mentioned Barnhart a number of times as a left-handed option behind the plate. It's something to consider.

4. Joc Pederson

Milwaukee Brewers v Chicago Cubs
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Talk about a swing for Yankee Stadium. The outfielder is having his best season thus far in terms of getting on base, and the Cubs would not surprise anyone in the game by becoming sellers. Plus, you get a player who can play all three outfield positions, and has before. Do with that what you will.

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