New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees recently educated some fans about concussions while driving a cab.

Drew Brees teamed up with Dick's Sporting Goods to educate some fans about concussions.  Drew Brees drove the "Who Dat Cabbie" while quizzing fans about the dangers of concussions.  I'll admit, I got a few of the questions wrong.  A couple of the questions were pretty tough.  Hey, the "Who Dat Cabbie" isn't just tossing softball-concussion questions left and right.

Drew Brees had some good information about concussions.  I learned a few things watching this video.  Granted, "loss of consciousness" wasn't exactly news to me as far as concussion symptoms go, but there were a few things that caught me by surprise.  The number of undiagnosed concussions per year is staggering.  Breezy did a very good job.  He was well-informed and delivered all of the facts charismatically.  Good call by Dick's Sporting Goods for teaming up with Brees.  The "Who Dat Cabbie" was a success.

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