During the NFL's Opening Night Ceremony I found the definitive expert to break down the Super Bowl, Swoop the Eagle. Who has spent more time on the field with the Eagles than Swoop? Who has seen more football than Swoop? Who is more prepared to make an educated pick for this year's Super Bowl?

Opening night is an opportunity to interview all the players and coaches as well as see the spectacle that is the Super Bowl media. Most years Media Night is almost more about the media itself then the players. This year was a very different, the focus was almost completely on the players, as it should be but it was still odd to see. In the past women in wedding dresses and former Nickelodeon stars dominated the headlines.

The one bright spot for people looking for the circus side of Opening Night was Eagles mascot Swoop and the Eagles Cheerleaders. So, of course, I had to ask Swoop to help me break down Super Bowl LII.

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