Tim Tebow has Tebowing, Victor Cruz has that crazy jig he does, Troy Palamalu has that awesome hair, but when it’s time to make a touch down, what does Eli Manning have?

At ‘Saturday Night Live‘s’ version of the EA Games Sports studio, all these football stars put on those tight, spandex suits to record signature touch down moves for their upcoming video games. Unfortunately for Manning, this concept was a little too hard to grasp.

It turns out that he’s no good at “throwing the grenade” and, as a football star, he probably shouldn’t pretend to be dribbling basketballs. So, what does he finally decide on? Making a sandwich, dropping it, then picking it back up and eating it. That is what we’ll now all think of when we picture Eli Manning. We’re guessing it’ll be bigger than Tebowing. Just you wait.

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