Monday could have been a horrible day in the lives of the New York Giants.  But rather than relive the horrors of Sunday afternoon, an unlikely Giant stepped up to got the troops fired up.

Two days after the Giants’ meltdown at the Meadowlands, the superlatives are still flying.  The Giants did the undoable, letting the Eagles steal back the game and the division all in one miserable 8 minute span.  While Big Blue nation continues to bemoan the travesty that occurred Sunday afternoon, the New York Giants can only focus on one thing: The Green Bay Packers.  At 4:15pm next Sunday, the Giants are going to be playing for their season.  Win and you’re in, it’s that simple.

Someone needed to step up.  Someone needed to be a leader and tell the entire locker room to get their heads out of their butts because they still have a playoff spot to lock up.  Who could that guys be?  Oh I know, Justin Tuck—the vocal leader.  Or how about Antrelle Rolle—the newly acquired, yet well respected veteran.  No, how about---Eli?

Oh yea! Eli pulled Tom Coughlin aside before a team meeting, and let the old ball coach know that he wanted some time to fire up the troops in what was the first “players only” meeting that Eli has called in his 7 year career.  Eli addressed the team with a fiery (albeit, expletive free) message:

“We don’t have time to moan. It’s not the time right now to start going in the tank or start slacking off or being in a bad mood.  Now’s the time we got to be excited. You kind of have to look at the bright side of things; you got to be optimistic that hey, we got a great opportunity to make the playoffs.”

It’s about time that Eli take control of that team.   I have no doubt that he could lead that team, if he could only avoid coming across as someone who doesn’t want to be followed.  Hopefully this fiery side is something that he can sustain over the next 2 weeks, as the Giants look to lock up a spot in the post-season.

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