So I looked at the NBA standings the other day and I noticed two things.

I saw that LeBron and the Miami Heat have won 9 in a row and the Knicks are the 5th best team in the Eastern Conference.  Maybe I should play the lottery today because I feel lucky and so should Knicks fans.  New York hasn't won a playoff series since Seinfeld's Jason Alexander was relevant (that was back in 2000).

The Knicks & winning are sort of like McDonald's and the McRib.  You'd better enjoy it now before we all realize the reason Mickey D's took it away the first time was because they actually used racoon meat.  Have fun with the Knicks' 8-game winning streak, because come February, James Dolan will re-hire Isiah Thomas to be the Knicks Director of I-Have-Pictures-of-the-Owner-in-Funky-Situations -So-He-Has-To-Hire-Me-Back.

Granted, the Knicks are fun to watch.  They're young, hungry and gaining confidence.  They`re 13-1 in their last 14 games, with 8 straight road wins. They have a clear leader in A'mare. These guys are now fighting for every rebound, diving all over creating deflections — things that you never saw from the Knicks in years past. There’s a lot to like about the Knicks.

So sit back and enjoy it - because I'd be willing to bet that come Valentine's Day, you're going to think back to these days in December and love those good, old glory days!!!