He's the guy that coined the phrase, "NOBODY circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills!" and he's still singing their praises as we head into a new season.

He has been a longtime anchor on ESPN and is well known for giving players some hilarious nicknames that stick.  His sound effects always made his broadcast stand out and it was always really cool in the years when most talked bad about the Bills to have someone that spoke highly of them.

He's been a fan since the days of the AFL.  Then of course when the Bills headed to The Superbowl in the 90s, he was fully on board. He was on hand to help announce the retirement of both Bruce Smith and Thurman Thomas' numbers.  Let's just say, he and the Bills go way back.

It's just as cool to hear now as we head into a new season.  Chris Berman is still very excited about The Buffalo Bills.


Something that I'm excited about is the depth of the Bills roster.  We are still in the preseason right now and haven't seen much of our starters.  However, the backups have been taking care of business.

The front office at One Bills Drive is going to have a huge struggle when it comes to final cuts.  The depth on this team is pretty incredible.  If I was another team I'd be watching to see who gets cut and try to sweep them up right away.  There are going to be some pretty good players hitting the open market after that third pre-season game through no fault of their own.

He's right...the sky is the limit for this team.  To say we have high expectations might be a bit of an understatement.


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