It seems like every year at Radio Row that we are lucky enough to sit down and chat with ex-Buccaneer center Randy Grimes. Grimes played 10 seasons in the NFL, all of them with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers; starting over 100+ games in his career.

Levack & Goz got a chance to sit down with him today on Radio Row and discussed how Grimes is helping athletes and all people from addiction to pain killers.

"It's about education. And I would want people like that to know that there are resources and people out there available," Grimes said.

He also described the thing he misses most about football.

"I love football. You know, people ask me all the time what I miss most about it and it's not being out on the field, and it's not being between the bleachers under the lights, it's being in that locker room and being with those guys..."

Listen to our entire interview with Grimes HERE:

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