When Jets Quarterback Christian Hackenberg left Penn State he hired a nutritionist and a Quarterback coach. That Quarterback coach was Jordan Palmer. Palmer has worked with Hackenberg on his footwork, throw angle and more. It was refreshing to get the inside track from someone that actually work with Hackenberg instead of the people who have already quit on him.

Palmer: a lot of the stuff that I do installing for the draft, even when I was training Christian, I stole from what Josh did. When I was sitting at 9 at night, I was backing Josh up when (Jay) Cutler got hurt in Chicago. So I stole a lot of the stuff from Josh. How he prepares, how he thinks, so the fact that Christian got to go sit with that and Mike (Maccagnan) and Todd (Bowles) have been so patient with him. Christian doesn’t really care what everyone says, same with Blake Bortels, which is why Blake was able to have the best game of his life when it mattered the most in the AFC Championship game. And I think Christian is still a guy who will play in this league and I’m really excited because this is the biggest offseason of his life. He’s going to get an opportunity and I think he’s going to be a kid who runs with it.

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