The New York Jets radio home here in the capital region is 1045 The Team. The quarterback for this year’s New York Jets joined Levack and Goz on Radio Row today to discuss his future in the NFL. Levack asked if McCown wants to be back with the Jets this season.

 Levack: is there anything holding you back from playing next year?

McCown: I have a family, this time of the year is always about the family and having a conversation about the future. Unless something has changed there, my body feels good and I’m really excited about the opportunity to continue to play. We’ll see what happens with the jets, hopefully it’s there. I really enjoyed my time there and enjoyed the people. So we’ll see but right now my plan is to play.
McCown finished 2017 season with one of his best statistical season. However some Jets fans believe it may be time to look towards the future at that position. Do you want Josh McCown back with the Jets in 2018? Let us know below.

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