STORY UPDATE: Ground has officially been broken for the Fairlife Milk factory in Webster, NY. You can see the full event, which took place in April, here:

Scroll below to read our original story on the construction of the factory.

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A major corporation is set to break ground on a ground-breaking new factory in Upstate New York. The facility will costs hundreds of millions to build, but is set to create hundreds of jobs for people in the local community.

We have the latest updates on this eye-popping new project in the central part of the Empire State.

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Coca-Cola Subsidiary Opening "Northeast's Largest Dairy Factory" in Upstate NY

story from New York Upstate shared the news that a subsidiary of Coca-Cola, Fairlife Milk, is set to break ground on a major new dairy factory in the area around Rochester, NY. The 100-acre milk production plant will be the largest dairy facility in the Northeast at the time of completion, according to the NY Governor's office.

The company has picked a build site on Tebor Road in Webster, NY for their facility. Check out the road and surrounding area on the map below:

Some of the numbers behind this project are truly mind-blowing. The facility will cover 745,000 square-feet, and will cost an estimated $650 million from the start of construction to the finish.

That being said, the benefit to the local community will be noticeable, as an estimated 250 jobs will be created as part of the project. Construction will start this year, and will take approximately two years to fully complete the facility and open its doors.

The fairlife Family Fun Festival Hosted by fairlife Ultra-Filtered Milk
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New York Upstate notes that Fairlife was launched ten years ago, and was purchased by the Coca-Cola Company in 2020. The company is well-known for their lactose-free milk, a product that is becoming increasingly more popular in 2023, as more people choose to eliminate lactose from their diets.

It's a great day for the communities of Webster and Rochester, and another step forward in the industrial development of Upstate and Central New York.

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