Fantasy vs Reality! 

26-32-1 Levack (2-1-1)

AFC Championship game: Jacksonville Jaguars at New England Patriots.I have agonized over this one. I clearly would like to see the Evil Darth Hoodie and Tom Shady to lose this game and have Jacksonville represent the AFC in Minnesota on February 4th. I had all these reasons in my head why the Jags could and would beat the Patriots this weekend. I mean look at the defense on this team lead by the only man to beat Brady and Belichick in the Super Bowl Tom Coughlin. Then I realized, I’m being stupid and my goal is to be right not happy. Patriots 32 Jags 12. PATRIOTS -7 UNDER 46

NFC Championship game: Minnesota Vikings at Philadelphia Eagles. Every dog has its day and sometimes they get two days. I had the Eagles losing big to the Falcons last week and the Eagles rose up and beat down the Falcons especially on defense. Case Keenum is Cinderella and sadly the clock is about to strike Midnight! The Eagles 17-9 over the Vikings. EAGLES +3 UNDER 39


28-29-2 Goz (3-1)

QB-Nick Foles. Brady is good but hurt and Jacksonville Defense is good. I’m going to take Blake Bortles against Bill Belichcik? Hell no! And as much as I love Case Keenum he being discussed as fantasy wise the #1 QB in weekly leagues on the road?! So process of elimination leaves me with Nick Foles! So Foles gets a tough Minnesota D but let’s remember Hat tip to Brandon Lang go throw the multiple 300 yard passing games QB’s have had against the Vikings Defense. Watch the final Saints drive and look at Brees shredding them. Doug Pederson will have a solid game plan. I need 11 points still high for Foles tho 180 1 TD and 1 INT.

RB-Dion Lewis. 2nd highest overall price at the RB position this week! 10.0. So that gives me 60 rushing yards. 2 catches. 20 receiving yards. Get in that endzone. Don’t vulture a TD from me James White! Don’t steal it from me. JAx is real good but the PPR helps me here. Maybe a 3rd and 4th catch puts me over the top too!

WR-Crazy close projections! I hate this. I want to call you on Sunday afternoon because these #s I feel like are going to move. 7.4 Marqise Lee. ( 3 catches 43 yards  Held catchless against Buffalo. But 3 catches for 28 against Pitts. CAn you do somethign for me Lee. Pleae can yoou? Get blown out! Givem e those garbage! Give it to me!

TE-Kyle Rudolph- 4 catches 3.7 yards. 7.7 points per! I love this play a lot. 3rd in projections this week. I almost took Rudolph last week. It was coin flip between him and Ertz and Ertz cost me my 4-0! You blew it for me Ertz. Give me Kyle Rudolph I’m loving the redzone potential too. Diggs and Theilen gonna get targets. Rudolph give me those redzone targets baby!

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