Levack and Goz are neck and neck right now in Fantasy Vs Reality. Goz Leads Levack 17-21-2 to 17-22.

Levack - Reality

Buffalo Bills + 9 home against the New England Patriots. I admit the Pats are better than the Bills and might very well be the top AFC team but I am convinced the Bills can not only make this close but maybe pull the upset at home.

New York Jets + 3 hosting the Kansas City Chiefs. The Chiefs started the season great and even beat the Eagles and the Patriots to start the season but the Jets keep their slide going for them.

Seattle Seahawks + 6 home against the Philadelphia Eagles. Much like the Bills/Pats this will be a will game. The Seahawks will ride the energy of the 12th man and make this a good Sunday night game.


Goz - Fantasy

QB-Cam Newton Top 4 projection among QBs this week and I love his matchup against hte Saints. For some reason I have become a Cam Newton defender on the show. He won an MVP...nah. He got a team to the super Bowl… nah. If they won that Super Bowl its arguably one of the best NFL’s teams ever!! (18-1) . 13th  most fantsay poitns to QBs this season. He was bad! Bad! In game one of hte season. INT 3 times sacked 4. But give me Cam in a shootoutin that Dome baby! 250 1 td 1 int and 30 rushing yards

RB-Joe Mixon he had a monster game last week! Over 100 yardsd rushing. 50 yards recinfnig. Bengals yest eh Bengals are a win away from playoff contention .12.3 fantasy points. 50 yardsd rushing. 3 catches 43 yards. That’s not bad at all. Get me those PPR catches man! 11 fewest points allowed to fantasy RBs. HOWEVER!! Bengals stink too! Give met hose garbage poitns #s!

WR-Josh Gordon Give me Josh Gordon levack! The Browns STINKKKK STINK. Whatever are they 1000 point under doogs against the Chargers? The Browns will have to throw the ball. Gordon has not played since 2014 I get that. But if you need a solid flex player. A WR that you feel is a boom or bust play GO with Josh Gordon. 9.9 is the projection. So be aware All he needs is 4 catches and 60 yards. That’s it. 10 points with no one good for the Browns. 17th most points alloweed to WRs this season.

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