Last week Levack went 2 - 1 to catch Goz who went 0 - 3. Bring their season totals to 14 - 9 for Levack and 13 - 19 - 1 for Goz. Here is a Special Thanksgiving edition of Fantasy Vs Reality.


Game 1) I'll take the Minnesota Vikings -3 at the Detroit Lions. I really like the Lions this year but I believe the Vikings are the total package right now and nothing travels like a solid defense and running game.

Game 2) It looks like the Los Angeles Chargers have found they're offense and the Dallas Cowboys are in a world of hurt right now. Give me the Chargers in a pick em game.

Game 3) The late game is an NFC South show down and I think 10 points are just too many. I'll take the points and Tampa Bay at the Atlanta Falcons.


QB-Case Keenum! My guy man! I gotta go back to the well hear. 8-2 record. I don’t like the Vikings to win. Short week on the road not a fun matchup for a favorite I do love the projection tho. 14.3 235 yards 1 TD and 1 Pick! 3 straight weeks he has beat that projection! 13 fewest blah blah. Give me Keenum! My guy!

RB- Austin Ekeler- The most under appreciated acting performance in a Super Hero movie the last 10 yeears!~ Insanely good as 2 face. 7.5. So give me like 40 total yards and 3 catches. Hey I can do that!

TE-Vernon Davis- 11.4 THE MOST tight ends point allowed this season. 5 catches 70 yards

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