Happy Thanksgiving! Here's the staff of 104.5 The Team with a list of their favorite dishes on Turkey Day!

Armen Williams, Co-Host on "Armen and Levack"

Sweet Potatoes:
 Give me a sweet potatoes dish that's fully loaded - I'm talking cinnamon, marshmallows, butter, etc. And I will be double-potato-guy too, with spoonfuls of mash and sweet on my plate. Sign me up!


Jeff Levack, Co-Host on "Armen and Levack"
Stuffing!!! (I’ll allow dressing if deep frying the bird) Growing up my mom made an AMAZING spread for thanksgiving EVERY year. Never failed. The woman never missed a thing and the turkey was always cooked to perfection but my dad made the stuffing. For years I resisted the seasoned bread with sausage and apple but no more my friends! I LOVE STUFFING with gravy on it, by the way!!

Thomas "Goz" Goslowski, Producer on “Armen and Levack”
Mixed Stuffing: This has turned into our favorite of mine just the past few years as some of my family members have turned to the dark side (being vegetarian on Thanksgiving). You take some of the good stuffing with some of Grandma's special sausage mix and gravy and you mix that with some of the non-meat stuffing and it's tastes fantastic! If you are stuck with some vegetarian dishes at Thanksgiving like me again this year trust me this actually is a great way to go.

Brady Farkas, Producer on “Mike and Mike”
Cherry Pie: Forget the main course, I'm all about the dessert. Give me multiple slices of pie after the post-turkey nap, with some milk, and I'm A-OK.

Andrew "Dubsy" Williams, Producer on “The Dan Le Batard Show” / “Hahn and Humpty”
Mash Potatoes: Many believe Thanksgiving is about turkey, not for this guy. I've had one job since I was five years old, and that's to make the mash potatoes. I prefer to layer the whole bottom of my plate with carbs then just throw the turkey and ham right on top.