It's not uncommon to see large gatherings of deer in rural parts of Upstate New York, but a sight like this is certainly a bit unusual.

Check out the video below of what looks like as many as 40 hungry deer staring down a man in Greene County, waiting patiently to fill their bellies.

James Brisicana from East Durham filmed the video in his backyard and posted it on the Upstate NY wildlife Facebook page.

He told GNA, "It’s not uncommon to see a large gathering like this in certain parts of Greene County, sometimes 40 strong. This is in my yard in East Durham. The deer are looking for salt licks that I had out but have since been depleted."

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Brisciana explains that the store he normally buys from was out of stock and that he hopes to be able to replenish it soon.  In the meantime, one deer in particular  - seen front and center in the video giving Brisciana the death stare - appears to be the fearless leader and even Brisciana feels her glare. "The little fearless leader in front is my favorite and has been coming around since she had polka dots. She’s basically looking at me saying “Hey man where’s the salt lick at?”

Check out the video below.  Would anyone else in Upstate New York like to wake up to this?

Why are there so many deer? According to the DEC, "Uncontrolled hunting wiped out over 95% of the country's deer in the 19th century, management in the first half of the 20th century was aimed at increasing deer numbers. New York was highly successful in this effort, as were other states in the Northeast."

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