This weekend I walked my first portion of this famed trial,  it was the west branch of the Sacandaga River up near wells New York. Now I have realized my goal for the summer.


My goal this summer is to hike the trial in its entirety, it’s a feat accomplished by many people, some for you reading this may of accomplished this feat many times.  I haven’t and it being one of most beautiful hikes in the North East how I can deprive myself of this amazing endeavor.

Enough of the fancy talk, I want to this because of the freaking great fishing and camping along the way, scenery is for chumps.  I want a great time for a reasonable trip,  take like five  or 6 days to walk the 133 mile expansion of the  trial.  I could probably hum it out in 3 days if I was just walking and sleeping, but I want to get my fish on, my camp on, and my freak on.  

Something about living for a week on trout and trail mix gets my all giddy like a school girl going off to prom.  I never thought I’d grow into the sandal and sox wearing hippy that I made fun of as a child but dammed if they don’t live life the right way.

I would just grab a head lamp, tent fishing pole water purifier and abut load of trail mix ( a but load being defined of how much ones but weighs x the amount of awesome needed to keep ones but moving) and hit the trial. I mean look at what I saw on this quick just the tip… of the trial hike.


That’s a freaking suspension bridge in the middle of the woods, I love it.  It was covered in spiders but I don’t have an intense little girl fear of such things.  So if you want in, and you are a guy who can carry a whole mess of trail mix, or a girl looking to spend a week with an unshowered me, lets hit the trial.  …… at a grueling pace of course.

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