People talk about trail mix like it some pointless snack you eat when you’re out and about with your friends. Those people are wrong and should be smacked upside the head with a sock full of batteries. Here are a few things you can add to the mix to put you and your snack time over the hump.

A lot of people think trail mix is just granola and raisins, those people are stupid and should never be allowed to operate heavy machinery.  There are many things you can put in the mix to give your self a tasty energizing treat to eat while on the go through the mountains, or float down a river.

M&M’s- The sugary boost these little guys give to you while you’re taking in nature is  pound for pound as good as coffee on a hot summer day (who wants hot coffee when its hot, that would be crazy). The hard candy shell melts in your mouth and not your hand, which is nice when you’re trying to cast your line into a trout pool and grab a snack at the same time. It’s also a crowd pleaser every one loves these little guys, and if they don’t its time to ditch that person in bear country and get some new freaking friends.

Golden Grahams- these small sized flavored packed squares add the right amount of honey and sweetness that trail mix is often missing.  This crispy crunchy graham trail mix is the perfect hiking treat. You get the right mix of nuts and berry’s with these guys you are going to think that God himself opened the sky and spit deliciousness in to your mouth, and it was good.

Crasins- These Cranberry Raisins are a great change of pace to the classic raisin trail mix. At first I was apprehensive about eating a cranberry in my trial mix, but after a couple of batches with the Crasins, I can’t see my trail mix without those little red guys. They came on to the scene a few years ago and were a bit of change from what we are used to, but in a good way. What’s that? You are afraid of change, what are you a 90 year old man who thinks that a cell phone is a tool the devil invented to read our thoughts? Grow a pair and buy a sack of Crasins and live on the edge baby.

Bacon Bits- Who says you can’t put some bacon in your trail mix? Communist that’s who. Are you going to let a dammed Marxist tell you what you can and can not do with your Bacon bits? Hell NO, mix them right heck in there. Start with a salt free pretzel base add some Chex cereal and some aforementioned Crasins and you will have a delicious bacony treat with so much energy you will think you can overpower a Black Bear ( don’t fight a Black Bear, you will die).

If you have any recipes, stories, or photos email them to me and maybe you will be featured in an up coming addition of “Fish in the Adirondacks”.