Former New York Giants safety Tyler Sash who passed away on September 27th, was found to have a high level of CTE by the Boston University Concussion Legacy Foundation.  The Sash family donated Tyler's brain in hopes that it could help those in the future.  Sash died due to an overdose on painkillers, he was 27.

The Concussion Legacy Foundation rates CTE on a 0-4 scale.  Sash was shown to be a 2; the same rating former linebacker Junior Seau had when he committed suicide at the age of 43.  The rating Sash received is unlike anyone his age that the Concussion Legacy Foundation has ever examined.

After being released by the Giants in 2013, Sash struggled with "confusion, memory loss, and minor fits of temper," The New York Times reported.  Sash suffered three concussions prior to his stint with the Giants.  Once joining New York, Sash had multiple concussions over the 23 games he played in, and even suffered a concussion in the last game he played for the Giants against the New England Patriots in the pre-season finale before the start of the 2013 season.