Jet fans used to complain that Tight End Dustin Keller couldn't stay on the field. Well jet fan doesn't have Keller to kick around anymore. However Keller was hurt again-this time while playing for his new team the Miami Dolphins, and the injury is the worst of his career.

Keller had his knee destroyed in the Dolphins 3rd preseason game when the  Houston Texans D.J. Swearinger hit him, bent him back, and his knee buckled.

The rookie 2nd round pick by Houston, from South Carolina, claimed the new rules forced his low hit on Keller. Swearinger said he has had to learn to tackle low due to the new rules precluding players from hitting higher, causing a penalty and resulting in the player being fined and or suspended. Swearinger claims he was penalized 3 times in his senior season for hitting a player too high. Expect this to be a common refrain from defensive players.

Keller, who signed a 1 year deal with Miami after leaving the Jets, told reporters he expects to comeback stronger and faster then ever before. It won't be easy.

Keller tore his ACL, MCL, and PCL. He also dislocated his knee. The Fins signed Keller away from New York after this past season. Keller played only 8 games for the Jets in his 5th and final season in New York.

The Dolphins signed away Keller after not re-signing their previous tight end Anthony Fasano, who signed with the Kansas City Chiefs.

Keller took a strange deal, at least I thought so. Signing only a 1 year deal, Keller was hoping to establish himself as a top notch tight end and score big in free agency after this upcoming season.

Swearinger clearly felt badly about the hit, although it was clean. he tweeted out to Keller. However the rookie made it clear the new rules forced him to go low on Keller " With the rules in this era, you have to hit low. If I would have hit him high I would have gotten a fine. I think I made the smartest play. I am sorry it happened and I pray he has a speedy recovery. Right now it is just instinct, you see someone across the middle and you have to go low. You are going to cost your team 15 yards."